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Your Issues and Ideas

As your 'GoTo' City Commissioner, I would like to know what issues I can directly address that are of concern to you, and what suggestions you might have for improving our city and our city's local government. I need your help, suggestions  and ideas  to work toward making Cooper City more than "Someplace Special". 

Please reply by email or use the form below. If you would like to meet with me or talk on the phone, I would be happy to do so. I want to hear what issues in our city are of concern to you and your family such as Schools, Taxes, Parks, Public Safety, Traffic, Infrastructure, Public Works and Maintenance, Environment, Open Space, Ethics in government, Budget, Operations, City Hall, Customer Service, etc. 

I also want to hear your views and ideas on how we can better address these important issues and improve customer services for the residents, developers, investors and business owners in our city.  I appreciate your time to share your thoughts with me.  They won't go unheard and I will respond. Thank you!

 Would you also like to volunteer for our campaign or our community? Let me know!

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Political advertisement paid for and approved by John Sims, Nonpartisan, for Cooper City Commissioner, District 1