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Why I Support John Sims

I am supporting John Sims because he is easily the most qualified person to lead the city out of these troubled times. We have a field of candidates, all of which we can be very proud of. Any one of them could do a much better job than the current administration. But being better than the current regime is not enough.

Our city deserves much, much more. Our citizens deserve someone who is fully qualified by experience, temperament and a layman’s view to seize the reins immediately; to bring us together as a community while re-establishing our prestige locally. This is not a time for continued political polarization or on-the-job training. I hope more residents will come to know the down to earth, decent and honest person John Sims truly is.

Currently, there is no current candidate who can keep up with him in his overall and detailed experiences. His knowledge about issues relating to our city and its needs, quality education, the economy, the environment and social justice issues are second to none. He's dedicated to the foundational principles that make America the great country that it is.

This guy really does have what we need. I hope voters will come to see that for themselves. John Sims is good for our city and good for The People.


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